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Aratani Byakugan by GeneralDodders
Aratani Byakugan
This is a special version of the Byakugan that I came up with which I call the Aratani Byakugan. I was trying to do something with the Eight Trigrams symbol which is what I based my design off of.

This special Byakugan allows the user to passively absorb natural energy in a manner similar to Jugo's clan. This means that the user can accumulate natural energy even while moving. When the natural energy is inside the user's body, they are able to use their Byakugan to see the chakra in their own body and balance out the natural energy mixed with it to create senjutsu. The end result is the user is able to utilize their own version of Sage Mode. I feel this is plausible because in The Last: Naruto Movie, the Tenseigan Energy Vessel was able to utilize all the Byakugan from the Otsutsuki Clan to absorb natural energy to power it. In addition, the Byakugan is utilized by the Hyuga to assist in chakra control so as to perform high level techniques like Gentle: Step Twin Lion Fists.

In order to activate this special level of the Byakugan, the user must experience death themselves and manage somehow to come back to life, which is why no one has ever been able to activate it. In my personal Naruto fanfiction, Hinata obtains this power after she is killed by Pain when she tries to save Naruto and is then brought back to life along with the rest of the Leaf Village.

Naruto and everything related to it belong to Kishimoto.


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